Danish Lighthouse Amateur Radio Station


Welcome to OZ4DUE,
The Amateur Radio Station at Dueodde Old Northern Lighthouse, ILLW # DK0030.
Bornholm Island is located in the Baltic Sea, approximately 150 km east of the rest of Denmark.

In contrast to the rest of the country where the subsoil is chalk, so is Bornholm’s underground granite in the northern part and sandstone in the southern part of the Island.

This is clearly visible, especially in the Northern part of the Island.

Bornholm Island has IOTA number: EU-030, and Dueodde is the Southernmost point on the Island.

Dueodde is famous for its white sand beach and is visited by thousands of tourists every summer.


Bornholm Island – Dueodde

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OZ4DUE is located in an area that was previously a military signal intelligence station, monitoring radio/electronic activities during “The Cold War”.

In 2012 the area and buildings were sold to a private enterprise and is now a destination for excursions including an Activity Center and a museum of the first and second world wars, as well as “The Cold War”.

In addition to the exhibition of photographs, video displays and artifacts from the military, the area also comprises a restaurant and café.

You can also visit the 70 meters high radio tower by the lift or the more than 400 steps in the staircase.

For more information, visit www.bornholmertaarnet.dk (in Danish language).