Danish Lighthouse Amateur Radio Station


Online QSL:

All QSO’s will be uploaded to eQSL and LoTW as soon as possible after each activity.

We will not have Internet access during activation, so no need for contacting us about requests or skeds.

We will also upload our QSO’s to ClubLog and QRZ.COM logbooks.

When you upload your QSO with us, do NOT use any modifiers like /LH, /M, /P, /QRP etc., just our callsign OZ4DUE.

QRP stations are logged with call sign only (without /QRP), just as we don’t log QRO stations as /QRO.

Paper QSL:

It’s OK, free of charge but a bit slow.

It’s OK too, but when postage in Denmark has increased dramatically in recent years, we are compelled to ask for 3 GS (3 US$) for return postage.

No IRCs please, but a SAE is very welcome.

ClubLog OQRS:
You can order QSL via bureau or direct via ClubLog OQRS.

Bureau card is free, for direct postage payment are via the Paypal system (3 US$).

Direct QSL (OQRS or by mail) will be answered as soon as possible.

QSL cards received directly without sufficient funds for return postage will be answered via the bureau.

QSL cards are send to the OZ Bureau every 3rd month or when we have at least 100 cards to send.



SWLs will be answered 100% if the SWL report is a QSO. Reporting us calling CQ will not be sufficient and the report will not be answered.

SWLs can send paper QSL, bureau or direct, via OZ9XU. Direct QSL should be including 3 US$ for return postage. No IRCs please.

SWLs can also use the eQSL system.


ILLW, August 19/20, 2017:

All QSO’s are now uploaded (as of August 21, 2017) to LoTW and eQSL, as well to ClubLog and QRZ.COM-logbooks.

All paper QSL are printed and send to the OZ bureau.

If you can’t find your QSO in the ClubLog, please send us an e-mail (find the address on QRZ.COM, OZ4DUE page).